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BodyTalk Health and Wellness Clinic

Ian's Client Testimonials

I have found sound massage therapy with Ian a relaxing and calming experience. After my first session I felt a stillness, found myself being more compassionate with others and more gentle with myself.

I suffered a severe broken arm and was on a strong nerve pain drug for more than 5 months and was finding that every time I attempted to reduce the dose the extreme pain returned. From my very first visit with Ian, during which he applied a specific pain relieving sound technique, now 3 months ago, I never took another pill and haven't suffered any pain or withdrawal since. It seems like a miracle! 

My day to day life has improved and to have the stillness in my brain is true joy. My body feels better, my health is good and I look forward to my sessions with Ian. Thank you Ian!


I highly recommend Sound Massage Therapy and BodyTalk with Ian. In just a single session, I felt a significant shift in my state of mind, and rapidly had a lot of energy to move forward in some areas of my life. It gave me the emotional clearing I needed to put things into action, and has opened up a whole new range of possibilities that I couldn’t access or see before the sessions. And I am still to grasp all the positive rippling effects it is having on my life. Thank you Ian "


Thank you so much for the sessions on Wed, Brenda and Ian. I caught myself singing in the car on the way home, and it's always been that way when I'm happy, I sing. It's been a while... also, I haven't had to take any anti inflammatories for my sciatica since my sound massage session. The constant burning has eased and for that I am grateful. Thank you so much, you are both beautiful souls and I'm very lucky to know you. Xo


I'd like to start with thanking Brenda and Ian Pitout of Body Talk in Western Australia for the best and most positive change in the outlook of my life through the therapy they have worked so hard providing me with.

I had noticed subtle differences from the very beginning that were also noticed by my wife, family and friends. I had become more proactive, spontaneous and self driven socially and at work.

I had had a very difficult childhood and had suppressed a lot of emotions I couldn't process very well through adolescence into adulthood. Later in my adulthood my family and I were involved in a serious vehicle accident causing both physical and P.T.S.D. issues that had brought up a lot of the suppressed childhood difficulties.

I was having a tough time coping with simple memory tasks in my every day life which was becoming a distressful situation in its self.

Today I am so much more focused, relaxed enough to make better decisions and remember what I was doing from one moment to the next. I drive more confidently and am able to relax faster after an anxious driving situation, as previously it would sap any energy out of me leaving me flat and taking days to recover.

I would strongly recommend Body Talk Access to anyone who has made no headway in other typical medical and physical treatments. Body Talk Access, Sound Therapy and counselling therapy has worked for me and could help countless others needing a natural alternative.


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