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BodyTalk Health and Wellness Clinic


At BodyTalk Health and Wellness Clinic, our goal is to help our clients overcome their challenges and get on the right track. We provide counselling and healing sessions in a peaceful and relaxing environment. View our gallery for some photos of our facilities.


BodyTalk Health and Wellness Clinic has successfully treated hundreds of patients in Perth, Western Australia and around the world. Read their testimonials below.

I was recommended to see Brenda for a complex ‘re-wire' of my subconscious. I went to her knowing that my Western-trained medical mind would need to remain open to a healing process to which I was unfamiliar. I was utterly naive to its methods of assessment and management. I've heard about some of the techniques and reasoning behind their positive outcomes, but I had never experienced them myself.

If one were to ask, it’s like a hybrid of Tapping, EMDR, Hypnosis, and Counselling. No doubt, it's out there...but it works. Our brains are incredibly powerful. And the theory that it can repair itself is believable, as a result. My 'repair' was immediate, dynamic, and life-changing. I'm enormously grateful for BodyTalk and practitioner, Brenda Pitout.


I came to Brenda a sceptic. A hard-core scientist, I was more than a little dubious about the practice of body talk. But I also came to her with major depressive disorder, severe anxiety and an eating disorder that was steadily consuming my life, and I was desperate.

After my first session, I was sold. For the first time in years, I began to see in colour. Her regular therapy helped me eschew self-destructive coping mechanisms for self-honour and respect, and I finally started living again. I was able to stop all medication soon after, and now continue to live a life of health and happiness. Brenda is truly amazing at what she does.

An expert practitioner, she navigates the blueprint of your body and mind with the precision of a skilled surgeon to find, and hand you, the key to self-love, acceptance and your full potential. Her practice did for me what an army of GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists and medication were not able to. She saved my life. It's as simple as that.

- Lauren N.

As a psychologist, I am always working on my personal growth, so I was interested to explore the new modality of BodyTalk when Brenda was recommended to me. I had been going through a difficult time in a new relationship and had not made the cognitive link to how my childhood trauma was being activated.

My first session of BodyTalk astonished me as I noticed profound shifts in my thinking and feeling. I did have to call Brenda the next day to ask how long I could expect the "pendulation effect" to last as I was experiencing high levels of anger. 'Pendulation' occurs when long suppressed feelings flex their autonomy as healing happens. This settled after a day as my body and brain calibrated a new normal.

Further sessions with Brenda brought new challenges as I discovered the person I had never had the space in my life to feel. As the new "me" settled into my awareness I felt that I was 'held' in that process in the presence of Brenda's wise and nurturing grace. The combination of skilled and warm therapist and a kick-arse modality was a winning formulae for me.

- S.B.

Yvette Clarke recommended Brenda to us in early 2017 as someone we might wish to talk to and address a number of issues we had in our lives. We have been speaking to Yvette regularly since 2011 with the view of trying to understand why things in our lives were happening, without the means to make the necessary changes. We had never heard of Body Talking before but given we had tried different things to address the issues with little success, we decided we had nothing to lose!

The combination of help from Yvette and Brenda has been both immediate and life changing. Their combination is extremely powerful in both understanding the issue with Yvette and correcting your body state to either eliminate or manage the issue with Brenda. Through time, we have both been able feel and see positive changes in our day to day lives and subsequently better manage our issues through the work done. Whilst cliché, they have made a huge improvement in both of our lives that we never thought we would make and would highly recommend both of them.

- Sean and Evania, Hong Kong

You treated a recurring ailment to do with my throat which had persisted for over 20 years and three surgeries with the prognosis from the last surgeon that I would lose my voice permanently.

Not only have I not lost my voice permanently (it has improved considerably), I realised just recently that I have not had a cold or flu since I received treatment from you. It is difficult for me to consider this a coincidence as all throughout my life, I have been plagued by colds and flu just like the majority of the population but quite surprisingly not so much as a blocked nose or sore throat for the last five years.

Thank you Brenda, you helped me at a time when western medicine had given up on me and I didn't know where to turn. I would like to thank you for the treatment that you gave me which would have been late in 2012.

- Kerry

I feel it’s about time I wrote a testimonial of my experience as a client of BodyTalk.

I’ll try and keep my story as condensed as possible hoping to still provide you with a glimpse of how traumatic and hopeless my life had reached before I found BodyTalk.

My first BodyTalk session was in 2010 when I was referred to Brenda Pitout by my naturopath. I had no idea what BodyTalk was, but I trusted my naturopath’s recommendation and I was willing to try anything to get better.

I was in the very early stages of drug rehabilitation, which I was doing with the support of my family from home. I was on a waiting list for a residential rehabilitation centre, but it would be at least 6 months before a place would be available.

I had been injecting crystal methamphetamine daily for the previous six months. I was still critically underweight, battling the urge to use, smoking cannabis and cigarettes daily whilst trying to deal with the guilt, shame and consequence of losing everything I owned, including the trust of my family due to addiction.

Drug addiction was the shortest but most damaging addiction I had. For many years prior I had battled with alcohol addiction before changing this addiction to drugs, and was anorexic and then bulimia from the age of 17. At my worst I was drinking all day and all night, and vomiting 10 times a day. I had no self worth, and desperately wanted to end my life and was doing so directly and indirectly. In short I had so much to repair.

At the time, I couldn’t image ever being free of one addiction, let alone all of them. But when I hit my rock bottom I decided to do whatever necessary to recover. I did a lot of person work, including reading a book called ‘Higher and Higher’ by Jost Sauer, which gave me understanding of drug use from a Chinese Medicine viewpoint. I repaired my body and brain through good nutrition and supplementation, as well as regular BodyTalk sessions. BodyTalk was the most dramatic change.

After a BodyTalk session with Brenda, I saw things a little or often a lot clearer, felt less guilt, was able to understand and reconcile my past experiences and I began to feel joy and peace. After 3 months I was no longer smoking cigarettes and cannabis, and 12 months later I no longer had an eating disorder, which was the most longstanding of my addictions.

After a decade of living in pain and hell, seeking numerous counsellors, psychologists and support groups that did not resolve my problems, I was finally free. And when the room at the rehabilitation centre became available, I declined, even when counsellors questioned my decision giving the extremely high relapse rate for methamphetamines users. But I was not one of these statistics because the underlying causes were dealt with.

Since this time, I have become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Qualified Nutritionist and started my own clinic in Perth. Addiction isn’t a problem to me, if I wanted a drink I could have one without a care but I feel so good it just doesn’t make sense.

BodyTalk is a miracle in my life and I’m so grateful to be able to spread words of hope and offer BodyTalk sessions to help others break free of addiction.

- Corrin

I highly recommend Sound Massage Therapy and BodyTalk with Ian. In just a single session, I felt a significant shift in my state of mind, and rapidly had a lot of energy to move forward in some areas of my life. It gave me the emotional clearing I needed to put things into action, and has opened up a whole new range of possibilities that I couldn’t access or see before the sessions. And I am still to grasp all the positive rippling effects it is having on my life. Thank you Ian "

- Veronique L

I'd like to start with thanking Brenda and Ian Pitout of Body Talk in Western Australia for the best and most positive change in the outlook of my life through the therapy they have worked so hard providing me with.

I had noticed subtle differences from the very beginning that were also noticed by my wife, family and friends. I had become more proactive, spontaneous and self driven socially and at work.

I had had a very difficult childhood and had suppressed a lot of emotions I couldn't process very well through adolescence into adulthood. Later in my adulthood my family and I were involved in a serious vehicle accident causing both physical and P.T.S.D. issues that had brought up a lot of the suppressed childhood difficulties.

I was having a tough time coping with simple memory tasks in my every day life which was becoming a distressful situation in its self.

Today I am so much more focused, relaxed enough to make better decisions and remember what I was doing from one moment to the next. I drive more confidently and am able to relax faster after an anxious driving situation, as previously it would sap any energy out of me leaving me flat and taking days to recover.

I would strongly recommend Body Talk Access to anyone who has made no headway in other typical medical and physical treatments. Body Talk Access, Sound Therapy and counselling therapy has worked for me and could help countless others needing a natural alternative.

- Paul R

Thank you so much for the sessions on Wed, Brenda and Ian. I caught myself singing in the car on the way home, and it's always been that way when I'm happy, I sing. It's been a while... also, I haven't had to take any anti inflammatories for my sciatica since my sound massage session. The constant burning has eased and for that I am grateful. Thank you so much, you are both beautiful souls and I'm very lucky to know you. Xo

- Lisa.

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