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BodyTalk Health and Wellness Clinic


I am running Group online sessions for 12 weeks. This means that you will receive a session each week, the details of which will be sent to you as a audio recording via email after each session. During these 12 weeks, I will be covering the following weekly topics:

Week 1 - CLARITY

Finding clarity about how you are influencing or impacting on every relationship you are in. Particularly the one with yourself (your "I AM") and therefore with your world. Our relationship with the "I AM" or the blueprint of who we are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically is key to us finding joy, peace and happiness resulting in us having a successful existence.

Week 2 - AWAKE

Waking you up to the role you are playing in your life. Every relationship - how you are connecting with yourself and your body then with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, boss, institutions, money, food, exercise etc. 

Week 3 - AWARE

How to live more consciously. Being aware and mindful of your influence and what you are being influenced by. Whose voice are you listening to?

Week 4 - ALERT

How to witness your behaviour in situations. Listening to the things you are saying and your attitude towards yourself and towards others.

Week 5 - CHANGE

Let's makes some course correction. Change the way we see things, do things, say things, react to things etc.

Week 6 - REVEAL

Uncover faulty belief systems, learned behaviour, conditioning, behavioural patterns, group consciousness. Most of these were created in childhood but are still impacting on our behaviour in the present. Very often these are no longer serving us and need to be eliminated.

Week 7 - REFLECT

Examine the old programs and old ways of being connected to our finite self. We are all infinite beings just having an earthly experience and need to connect into the infinite aspect of who we are.

Week 8 - REJECT

How to discard or let go to old thinking, old patterns, old programs etc that are no longer serving you. Letting go to old animosity and negative energies - things that are simply blocks to you finding your way forward.

Week 9 - CONNECT

Connect to the knowledge of self through the "I AM". Connect to all aspects of self : spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical. When we are more connected to our blueprint this will help us express ourselves with more power, feeling free to make changes that are beneficial to ourselves and also make decisions that can transform our lives.


Being conscious of the frequency at which you are resonating - being aligned to the pure essence of who you are so you can start attracting into your life positive people, positive situations and positive experiences.

Week 11 - EMBODY

Enrich your life by embodying all the things that make your existence feel worthwhile and joyful. Recognising that you have power over what and who you allow into your life and therefore you are responsible for the result of these choices. Allowing into your life people and things that contribute to your existence in a meaningful way - this is the mandate that you were given when you were born.

Week 12 - EMPOWER

When you are fully connected into the "I AM", feeling centred, strong, understanding your infinite power, potential and purpose as a person you will have healthy self esteem, be confident and communicate with your world in an empowered and contented way.

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